Vitamin B12 (Mecobalamin)

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Vitamins are trace organic substances that must be obtained from food for human to maintain normal physiological functions.It plays an important role in human body’s growth, metabolism and development.

  • Price Range: US$200-220/kg
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10kg
  • Capacity: 1000000kg/month
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    Name: Vitamin B12 (Mecobalamin)


    1.Manner to promote the development of red blood cells and mature, make the body hematopoiesis function in normal state, the prevention of pernicious anemia;

    2.To maintain a healthy nervous system This exists in the form of coenzyme, can increase the utilization rate of folic acid, promote the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein;

    3. Have the function of the activation of amino acids and promote the biosynthesis of nucleic acid, can promote protein synthesis, its important role in the growth and development of infants;

    4.The metabolism of fatty acids, fat, carbohydrate, protein, is the proper use of body. 



    Appearance: red powder


    Shelf Life: 2 years

    Storage: Store in cool & dry place,Keep away from strong light and heat.

    Certification:ISO GMP KOSHER HALAL


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