Elastin Peptide

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Short Description: 

Elastin peptide is the main component of elastic fibers in hide tissue.

Elastin peptide is a polymer material with rubber ductility and low elastic modulus.

  • Price Range:: US$200-300/kg
  • Minimum Order Quantity:: 10kg
  • Capacity:: 10000kg/month
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    Name: Elastin peptide


    Elastin is the main component of elastic fibers. Elastic fibers mainly exist in ligaments and vessel walls. Elastic fibers and collagen fibers co-exist, giving tissues elasticity and tensile strength. Elastin is the main component of elastic fibers in hide tissue. The peptide chain of elastin contains more than 713 amino acid residues. Unlike collagen and keratin, the amino acid sequence of elastin does not have a continuous repetitive periodic structure throughout the peptide chain, but there are alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic peptide segments. The catenin and catenin formed by oxidized lysyl are the unique cross-linked structure of elastin. These cross-linked structures combine two or more teams. The second-order external structure with strong elasticity may be a combination of random in song and title. Elasticity is the most important physical and chemical property of elastin.

    Elastin peptide has application / function as follows:

    1. Enhance skin elasticity: Elastin plays the role of a rubber band in the skin, allowing the skin to stretch and fold. Its function is like the spring in the mattress, responsible for maintaining and supporting the skin’s elasticity.

    2. Keep skin moisture: The moisturizing factor in the elastin peptide can help the skin retain moisture and make the skin more shiny.

    3. Enhance skin activity: Elastin peptides can easily penetrate into the skin, thereby enhancing skin collagen activity.

    4. Make skin collagen: Elastin peptides are the main components of elastic fibers, which can help cells make elastic fibers of the skin.

    5. Tighten the skin: Elastin peptides can enhance the self-stretching function of the skin and rearrange the cells. Thereby shrinking pores and tightening the skin.

    6. Delay skin aging: Elastin determines the elasticity and softness of the skin, has the role of regeneration during the physiological aging process caused by chemical factors such as photophysiology, and has the effect of preventing skin aging.



    Appearance: White powder

    Protein content: ≥90%

    Packing: 25kg

    Shelf Life: 2 years

    Storage: Store in cool and dry area

    Certification:ISO GMP KOSHER HALAL

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