Amino Acid 50% Powder Organic

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Amino Acid 50% Powder is a bio-organic nutritional product derived from vegetable source required for plant growth promotion resulting into higher yields.Our Amino Acid Powder 50 % plays a significant role in preserving the color, flavor and stiffness of the crop. It improves the strength of the crops and boosts the absorption power of the roots.

  • Price Range: US$400-1200/mt
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000kg
  • Capacity: 1000mt/month
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    Name: Amino Acid 50% Powder Organic


    *Nitrogen and Amino Acids are essential nutrition materials for plant and soil. Providing rich oragnic Nitrogen.
    *Amino Acid have a great effect on promoting the photosynthesis of plants. Especially Glycine, it can increase the chlorophyll content of plant and improve the activity of the enzyme, for promoting carbon dioxide permeability and make photosynthesis more exuberant, and increasing VC and sugar content.
    *Amino acids are good regulator for plant growth. Sparing or irrgated amino acid nutrition fertilizer can increase all kinds of nutrients elements of plants, and increase dry matter accumulation and running speed and quantity from roots or leaves to other parts. It also adjusts the normal elements and trace elements, so as to regulate the growth of plants.
    *Amino acids are perfect chelate agent. Amino acid can have chelate reaction with the insoluble trace elements, being well protected and good soluble.
    *Stimulating the plant root growth, enhancing salt stress tolerance, and increasing crop yield.
    *Higher nutritional content, size, flavor, and coloration of crops.
    *Enhances the resilience of crops, such as cold, pest, and disease.


    Amino Acid>50%
    Appearance: Light Yellow Powder

    Packing:1kg 10kg 20kg 25kg

    Shelf Life: 2 years

    Storage: Store in cool and dry area

    Certification:ISO GMP Omri Eco

    Usage and Dosage:

    Drip irrigation : 1:800-1000 diluted with water. 3-4kg /acre.
    Foliar spray : 1:1000-1200 diluted with water. 1-2 kg / acre
    It can be blended with other fertilizer and most of pesticide. (except strongly alkaline pesticide) The additive rate is : 5%-20%.

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