Oxandrolone—–Increase muscle and reduce fat

Oxandrolone is a dioxytestosterone derivative. It is a dioxytestosterone in which the 2-carbon atom on the A carbon ring is replaced by extra oxygen atoms. This structure greatly enhances its anabolic ability. It is prevented from being decomposed by metabolism, and because its carbon atom at position 17 on the molecule is replaced by a methyl group, this makes it a 17AA product that can be taken orally. It is clinically used to help patients quickly recover weight after surgery, treat male growth and puberty retardation, treat osteoporosis, and increase bone density. It also has a good effect on hepatitis and children lacking necessary growth hormone.


Oxandrolone can increase muscles. It can enhance the retention rate of nitrogen in muscle cells, maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body, allow anabolism to exceed catabolism, accelerate muscle growth and prevent muscle loss. Since Oxandrolone does not undergo aromatization, any weight gain will be lean muscle mass, and it will not store water, which means that the muscles increased by Oxandrolone are easier to retain. And women are more sensitive to Oxandrolone than men. And Oxandrolone can increase the free testosterone content in the body when mixed with other steroids, it will also show better results. It can increase the number of red blood cells in the blood, and the increase in red blood cells means that muscle endurance will be better and the ability to recover will improve.


Oxandrolone can reduce fat. It can bind tightly to androgens and directly promote the metabolism of fat. Most steroids reduce fat by increasing the metabolism of the new city, while Oxandrolone directly promotes the breakdown of lipids and can reduce thyroid binding globulin. , Can also increase thyroxine binding prealbumin. It can inhibit the secretion of glucocorticoids and further prevent muscles from being metabolized. It has strong anabolic ability and can retain the best steroids for muscles during fat loss. It can increase muscle firmness and rigidity, and the muscles are clearly defined. The key to fat loss is to consume fat while retaining muscle to the greatest extent. Oxandrolone can directly break down fat and improve metabolism in the body, which can make the user’s blood vessels clear and muscles firm and strong.


Oxandrolone is one of the most popular oral anabolic steroids, mainly due to its good tolerance. This is one of the rare anabolic steroids. However, in some circles, Oxandrolone is greatly underestimated due to its gentle nature, but this is usually due to unrealistic expectations. Different steroids carry different results and purposes. Oxandrolone is undoubtedly a very beneficial anabolic steroid.




Post time: Feb-05-2021