Isoleucine and Leucine ——Improve pollen vitality and germination, aromatic precursors

Leucine, white crystalline or crystalline powder; Odorless, slightly bitter. It is easily soluble in formic acid, slightly soluble in water and very slightly soluble in ethanol or ether. Isoleucine, also known as “isoleucine”, rhombic leaf or flake crystal, tastes bitter. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. Improve the resistance to salt stress, enhance pollen vitality and germination, and aromatic precursors. Provide comprehensive amino acids for plants. Flowering is stimulated and results are better. Improve salt resistance. The nutritional content, size, flavor and color of fruits are high. Stimulate plant root growth. Improve crop yield and quality. Strengthen the absorption of chemical fertilizer. Maintain soil moisture and nutrition. Green environmental protection.

Role of Isoleucine and Leucine as a plant amino acid supplement

Early germination and high emergence rate: the application of amino acid humic acid can accelerate seed germination and improve the emergence rate, especially under the conditions of early spring and low temperature (generally, it can germinate 1 ~ 3 days in advance, and the emergence rate can be increased by 10 ~ 30%).

Fast absorption: Isoleucine and Leucine in amino acid fertilizer can be directly absorbed by various organs of plants, passively absorbed or osmotic absorbed under photosynthesis. Obvious effects can be observed in a short time after use. At the same time, it can promote the early maturity of crops and shorten the growth cycle.

Strengthen physiological and biochemical functions: Isoleucine and Leucine in amino acids can strengthen its physiological and biochemical functions after being absorbed by crops. Crops have strong stems, thickened leaves, expanded leaf area, accelerated formation and accumulation of dry matter, and crops can mature early. Due to their enhanced vitality, the performance of cold and drought resistance, dry hot wind resistance, disease and insect resistance and lodging resistance is improved, so as to achieve stable and high yield.

Promote plant photosynthesis: Isoleucine and Leucine in amino acids can increase the content of plant chlorophyll, promote the absorption and utilization of carbon dioxide by crops, increase power for photosynthesis and make photosynthesis more vigorous.

Function of improving soil: Amino acid fertilizer has no residue in the fertilizer applied in the field, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, improve the water and fertility retention and air permeability, and play the role of curing, maturing and improving the soil.



Post time: Dec-22-2021