Cycloastragenol——Aging Nemesis

Cycloastragalol belongs to triterpenoid saponins, which is mainly hydrolyzed by astragaloside IV. it is the only telomerase activator found today. It can delay telomere shortening by increasing telomerase. As a secondary metabolite of great medicinal value in Astragalus, it can protect cardiovascular diseases, stroke, fatty liver, abdominal aortic aneurysm and other diseases, anti-aging and regulate immunity, Promote wound healing and hair growth.

Cycloastragalus can alleviate cardiovascular tissue injury and functional disorder caused by stress. Cycloastragalus alcohol can prevent the decrease of cardiac contractility secondary to ambient pressure in the freezing state and help to stabilize contractility. Pretreatment with cycloastragalus alcohol seems to trigger a beneficial adaptive response to this type of stress. When mice treated with cycloastragalus alcohol were exposed to freezing, the decrease of cardiac contractility was prevented, and the stable contractility of cardiac tissue continued during perfusion.

Cycloastragalus can regulate immunity and help the human body regulate immune function. Results: daidzein can significantly increase the body weight, spleen index and thymus index of mice. Conclusion: daidzein can increase the body weight and immune organ weight of mice. Therefore, proper administration of daidzein can regulate immunity to a certain extent.

Cycloastragalus can resist aging. Howitz et al found that cycloastragalus alcohol can act as the strongest activator of silent information factor, simulate the anti-aging response of calorie restriction (CR), and participate in the regulation of the average life cycle of organic organisms. Cr is a strong inducer of SIRT1, which can increase the expression of SIRT1 in brain, heart, intestine, kidney, muscle, fat and other organs. CR can cause physiological changes of delaying aging and prolonging life, the most significant of which can be prolonged by 50%.

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Post time: Aug-24-2021