Brassinolide Liquid formulation 0.01% small dosage good effect

Brassinolide is a plant hormone from a class of polyhydroxysteroids that has been shown to have a protective role in plants under various stress situations; showing significant improvement of plant growth, water uptake, photosynthesis and yield. 28-homo-brassinolide has been shown to be the most effective of any of the brassinosteroids in mitigating plant stress effects from natural conditions such as chilling, drought, heat or salinity.
Brassinosteriods are a group of plant hormones that occur naturally in the plant kingdom. They have a variety of physiological roles including cell division and elongation, gene regulation, photosynthesis, senescence, enzyme activation and growth.


1) Promote root and seedling growth,enhance seed germination.
2)Promote plant growth, enhance stress resistance.
3)Enhance plant resistance.
4) Increase crop yield.

Post time: Jul-19-2022