Azelaic acid——the “whitening expert” in the field of acne

Most people know that azelaic acid comes from another name-azalea. It is called azalea but is not derived from azalea. Checking the information found that it may be because: the English name of azelaic acid is very similar to Azalea.


Azelaic acid is often found in grains such as rye, barley, and wheat. In addition, on the surface of human skin, there will naturally be dander spores, which will degrade oleic acid into azelaic acid. Therefore, Azelaic acid is actually no stranger to us. Azelaic acid itself is insoluble in water and oil, and there are certain difficulties in the formulation of the product. And the characteristics of azelaic acid determine that only high-concentration products can exert its effects. Therefore, there are not many azelaic acid products that are really effective.


Azelaic acid has particularly high requirements for the concentration of ingredients. Regarding the whitening effect of azelaic acid, as early as 30 years ago, there was a comparative experiment using 20% azelaic acid and 2% hydroquinone, and the whitening effect of azelaic acid was superior. It can be seen that azelaic acid has certain requirements for product concentration for its good effects. And compared to other acids, the concentration is higher. That is to say, after this experiment, the concentration of most products using azelaic acid is 20%. In the aspect of anti-acne, a large number of experiments have proved that azelaic acid can achieve the effect of anti-acne through anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and controlling oil secretion. But the product concentration is generally 15% or 20%. Therefore, overall: Azelaic acid has certain effects in whitening and acne removal. But all need to be used in high concentration, otherwise the expected effect will not be achieved.


Azelaic acid has the characteristics of water-insoluble and oil-insoluble. And because of the inertness of the ingredients, a high concentration is necessary to exert certain effects. Therefore, based on such characteristics, the highly effective azelaic acid product paste is thicker and has a certain grit feeling when applied. From the perspective of skin care products, the use of azelaic acid products with high concentrations and effective is not good on the skin. Most of the effective azelaic acid products on the market basically exist in the form of ointments.

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Post time: Oct-28-2020