Arimistane —-Reduce estrogen levels

Arimistaneis an aromatase inhibitor. This means it can reduce the production of estrogen in the body. When estrogen decreases, testosterone levels begin to increase, which means that the compound has many different uses. Many bodybuilders and other athletes use it while riding bicycles to help fight estrogen-related side effects such as Gynostemma, bloating and decreased libido. In addition, it is also very suitable as a post-cycle treatment supplement for light cycles.


Many users take Arimistane supplements to help them improve muscle mass, strength and performance. This is because it lowers estrogen levels and has a positive effect on testosterone. We all know that testosterone plays an important role in increasing muscle and strength, so when hormones increase, everything becomes much easier. This means that you can pack your size faster, recover faster, and have greater strength during the exercise. Most people use it alone for 8 to 12 weeks and eventually gain significant weight. It can also be stacked with other supplements for greater performance gains during this period.


Arimistane is helpful for the treatment of breast cancer. Studies have shown that: two-thirds of breast cancers are estrogen-dependent, and they can subside after estrogen is reduced. Many breast cancer patients’ tumors are driven by naturally occurring hormones and estrogen. One of the normal activities of estrogen is to cause the proliferation of cells in the breast and uterus; new cells must be created for the breast (breast) and endometrium (uterus) every month. In some breast cancer patients, the appearance of normal estrogen promotes the growth and division of cancer cells. Aromatase inhibitors can cause the inactivation of aromatase, block the aromatization reaction, inhibit the production of estrogen, and reduce the level of estrogen in the blood to achieve the purpose of treating breast cancer. It is mostly used for postmenopausal advanced breast cancer patients who have failed anti-estrogen therapy.


In addition, Arimistane can also provide cardiovascular support, help restore liver enzymes, and reduce DHT (this is very important for those who are prone to hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia ), can increase LH and increase testosterone. Raising testosterone levels is of great importance for prostate support and protection.


Post time: Feb-05-2021